Regarding Eon Network

We are here to offer a completely oldschool focused server where all of you will be able to experience an original, exciting & fun gameplay. EON is clean server without any gameplay changing features. However you may notice some small changes made only to make your life easier and also make the server more enjoyable. We can ensure you as oldschool lovers that we made everything we could to offer the most oldschool gameplay possible but without all negative parts Silkroad had at this cap/time. Such servers are really more easy and relaxing to play since you don't have to break your mind understanding all the new features. You may think less new features/systems will make the server boring but we are all here because of silkroad and we were all enjoying silkroad as it was. Who doesn't enjoy jobbing, pvping, attacking fortress with his mates, partying up to kill uniques and get rewards, pimping his equipment, participating in CTF & BA? Just simple silkroad activities that can make a server really fun.


EON | Update VER 9.

- Added new attack pets.

- Added new avatar.

- Fixed guild emblem.

- Enabled Pvp War.

- Disabled CTF.

EON | Update VER 8.

- Fortress War winners can take gold till Monday 24:00 .

- Added D1-D8 immortals/astrals.

- Added lucky scroll for 100m gold / 59 silk.

- Added D1 lucky powders.

- Added fellow pets.

- Added new grab pets.

- Added new avatars.

- Increased Job rates.

- Increased CTF rewards , 1 kill = 3 arena coins.

- Increased BA rewards.

- Increased Magic Lucky Powder's rate.

- Increased Global price.

- Decreased the price of most Item Mall items.

- Silk/H was decreased to 4 Silk/Hour.

- Disabled War events.

- Fixed PC limit.

- Decreased Warlock debuff probability, increased stun cooldown.

- Increased dmg&resistance buffs on Bicheon.

- Increased Stun probablity on Dual Axes.

EON | Update VER 7.

- Increased HWID Limit To 5 Per PC.

- Increased Silk/Hour To 10 Silk Per Hour.

- Increased Drop Rate Sox Items.

- Increased EXP/SP Rate.

- Increased Drop Rate Talisman Cards From Medusa/Roc.

- Increased Drop Rate Talisman Cards From Forgotten World.

- Decreased Som Items Prices.

- Decreased Upgrade Scroll Price.

- Decreased Lucky Magic Powder Price.

- Added Degree 15 Model Switcher.

- Added New Stones (Roc Stones).

EON | Update VER 6.

- Added 3 new Uniques (spawn on random unique spots every 4h,uniques are 1 hit. Drops: sos items, silk&gold scrolls,50% chance for talismans)

- Trades now give Arena Coins as well

- Alchemy notice working from +11 to +14 now

- Harder uniques drop more items than easier ones (For example : Demon Shaitan drops 5 immortals, silk scrolls as well)

- Chinese imbues length increased to 12sec

- Increased starter pack for new players

- Guild limit changed to 32

- Hwid was changed to 3

- Players are gaining 2silks/hour

- War event has been fixed(disabled buffing skills) and moved to new area (Teleport at Hotan hunter npc)

- Added jobwar event (Teleport at Hotan hunter npc)

- CTF has been enabled again, monsters inside CTF drops 2 arena coins each

- Decreased the gold price of Sabakuns/Magic lucky powders/Magic pop cards

- Global price increased to 49 silk

- Reverse price increased to 19 silk

- Premium + price reduced to 249 silk

- Astral price reduced to 35 silk

- Immo price reduced to 40 silk

- Decread Som set prices

- Fixed GDF at magic pop

EON | Update VER 5.

- Unique respawn time has been changed to 1hour 10minutes.

- Minimum lvl. required to join CTF/B.A changed to 85.

- CTF is now at every 2 hours.

- Eu to Ch & Ch to Eu switchers has been added, please read the scrolls before using them.

- New titles have been added.

- Glows have been fixed.

- Added honor glow to Seal of Sun items.

- Magic lucky powder has been added for gold & silk (15% increased chance in alchemy).

- Sabakun jewel has been added for gold & silk (max+ = 10 ,every +2 = 1% increase).

- Magic pop has been added for gold & silk (GDF & Advanced elixirs & Magic lucky powder).

- Job coin & job kills check have been added to website.

- Reverse has been disabled while using job suit.

- EGY A&B model switchers are working on EU shields as they should.

- War pvp event has been fixed.

- Fixed the model switcher bug causing worse stats on Shields.

- Fixed the 9D Sox reinforces.

- Decreased the light buff.

- Increased bow buff passive.

- Chinese weapon passives requires to wear the actual weapon.

- Increased rouge buff.

- Warlock debuff cooldown reduced to 9sec from 20sec.

- Offering cooldown changed to 2 minutes.

- Chinese holy spell changed to 35% , Eu holy spell to 33%.

- Union chat limit increased to 24.

- Changed few Skills.

EON | Update VER 4.

- Added Durability reduce remover scroll to item mall.

- Added holyWater temple with gold/silver coins and items silk drops avaliable 2times/day.

- Movement speed drugs maxstack to 100

- Fixed model switch, that was making the sun tradeable.

- Fixed Devil Stats now its all 9% inc the skill it self.

- Added Devil S to item mall.

- Fixed ppl with start button issue.

- Added new filter.

- Increased random silk scroll drops from medusa and roc to 6 units.

- Removed devil shaitan from roc chamber.

- Changed cooldown healing cycle to 10 sec(s).

EON | Update VER 3.

- Changed guild limit to 24 players and union limit to 3 guilds.

- Added titles to item mall.

- Added SOM weapons/shields in NPC for silver,gold coins & gold.

- Reduced title cost price to 270 arena coins.

- Add Medusa for INT, Roc for STR. Drops : 4x50 silk scrolls, 1 random fgw talisman, 2. These uniques spawn 2 times per day use the teleporter located at Hotan to find them.

- Made guild limit 24 and union limit 3.

- Fixed a bug where towns on teleporter wouldn't click.

- Added destroyer rondo.

- Fixed spawn rate of mobs on some areas.

- Increased win on BA to 8 arena coins.

- Fixed ctf it is now 20 minutes.

- Fixed entrance to haroeris teleporter.

- Decreased cost of job room teleporter to 1m.

- Decreased all moon parts price by 130 silver and 70 gold coins.

- Increased devil stats to 9%.

EON | Update VER 2.

- Reduced cost of random silk & gold scrolls to 28 arena coins.

- Made chn buffs permanent.

- Added 90 lvl trans pet at stable.

- Fixed alchemy notice and top jobber notice.

- Added STR and INT uniques since on the last update unique drops got sick.

- Fixed remaining sos items.

- Decreased thief & traders npc spawn.

- Added 100 silk scroll.

- Fixed the wizard bug with auto attack.

- Balanced Seth and Haroeris damage.

- Honor system resets weekly now.

EON | Update VER 1.

- Increased host's ram.

- Fixed some bugs in item mall.

- Fixed a bug where SOS items had lower stats than last tier items (happened with euro sets).

- Increased stone drop rate by a little amount.

- Increased trade rates.

- Removed HP & MP scrolls.

- Increased lucky poweder stacks to 500.

- Decreased damage and defence scrolls to 5%.

- Added 3x silk scrolls as drops from egy uniques.

- Re-added sleep to warlock but with 33% probability / both 2 sleeps.

- Removed daily limit and added weekly of 400 gold and 650 silver coins.

- Added silk item drops to normal uniques.

- Removed first box from fgw.

- Added 2 boxes as last in fgw.

- Added 100 Silk scroll.

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